Residential or Mixed-Use Projects Consistent with the SCS
Streamlined Review


Under the provisions of SB 375, an environmental impact report prepared for a residential or mixed-use residential project that is consistent with the general land use designation, density, building intensity, and applicable policies specified for the project area in either an SCS or APS for which the California Air Resources Board has accepted an MPO’s determination that the SCS or APS would, if implemented, achieve its greenhouse gas emissions reduction target, “is not required” to discuss growth inducing impacts, or any project specific or cumulative impacts from cars and light-duty truck trips on global warming, or on the regional transportation network (Pub. Res. Code, § 21159.28, subd. (a); Gov. Code, § 65080, subd. (b)(2)(I).). In addition, an EIR prepared for a residential or mixed-use project that qualifies for the streamlining provisions is not required to reference, describe, or discuss a reduced residential density alternative to address the effects of car and light-duty truck trips generated by the project as part of its alternatives analysis (Pub. Res. Code, § 21159.28, subd. (b).).