Requests for Proposals are now open


Sacramento Region’s Bike Share Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for Bike Share Operations & Equipment and Sponsorship & Advertisement are now open! On April 21, the SACOG Board of directors authorized the release of both RFPs through a unanimous decision. Thanks to the framework and guidance from the Bike Share Policy Steering Committee (PSC) and Project Management Team (PMT), the RFPs will ensure operational excellence from the most qualified candidate. The Operations & Equipment RFP seeks an operator and equipment vendor that will help implement a sustainable business model by maintaining close partnerships with all cities and stakeholders involved, incorporating innovative technology that compliments the region’s needs and creating social and geographic equity to create a more healthier and vibrant region. The Sponsorship & Advertisement RFP seeks a broker to pursue sponsorship deals. Hiring a professional broker will help bring in private dollars while minimizing public funds spent on ongoing costs. Both RFP’s will be open for bids through May 25, 2016. The Board’s authorization to release the RFPs keeps Bike Share pedaling for a Spring 2017 roll out.

Next Steps:

Following submittals to both RFPs, the Bike Share PSC, PMT and SACOG Staff will convene to review applicants, conduct interviews, and award by mid-June 2016. After the award and contracts are settled, work will commence with the operators and broker. Look out for station planning events in the fall of 2016!

If your firm is interested in responding to the RFP please visit SACOG’s business section.

Sponsorship and Advertisement

Bike Share Operations & Equipment