Regional Transportation Monitoring Report


This series of reports provides key data on several variables of great interest for transportation planning in the SACOG region. Sources relate to employment, population and housing growth, demographics (e.g., income, age, etc.), costs of transportation and other factors which directly or indirectly influence travel demand and travel patterns in the region. Additionally, SACOG tracks data sources on vehicle miles traveled, congestion, mode of commute, travel times, etc.

All of the data used in these reports are collected by other agencies and organizations, SACOG staff assembled the data, integrated or merged it together to represent regional conditions, and combined it with other data sources to provide useful indicators for transportation planning. All the sources used for the report conform to the following criteria: (1) data are collected and reported regionally, or for geography which can be aggregated to region level; (2) data are collected regularly, and can be used for time series and trend analysis; and (3) data sources are generally considered to be reliable, with consistent, well-documented collection processes.

At the suggestion of several staff members of local agencies, future updates will include more county-level and sub-county level breakouts of data wherever possible.