Regional Trails Survey Reveals Local Favorites and Regional Preferences


The Sacramento region Parks and Trails Strategic Development Plan envisions a dynamic system of interconnected trails and parks across El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, Sutter, Yolo, and Yuba counties. Part of the visioning process included surveying residents across the region, and to celebrate May is Bike Month, here are some fan favorite trails and Top 5 insights.

Fan Favorite Trails Around the Region

  • Sacramento County: American River Bike Trail (Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail)

    • “A true gem in our community!”
    • “Best bike trail in the country.”
  • Elk Grove: Laguna Creek Trail
    • “It has large oak trees, a creek with ducks and wildlife.”
  • Placerville:  El Dorado Trail
    • “I love every section of the El Dorado Trail and my 7-year-old can easily bike on it.”
  • Roseville: Dry Creek/Miners Ravine/False Ravine Trail System
    • “Has a lot to do — library, cool bridges, creek, baseball field, playground, close to downtown restaurants & shopping.”
  • Yuba City/Sutter Bike Trail
    • “I like the beautiful view of the Buttes and the many people you can encounter having a good time!”
  • Davis Bike Loop
    • “The Davis Bike Loop is easy to get to, a nice distance (approx. 8 miles) and easily expandable or shortened if I want to go more or less miles.”

Region-Wide Top 5 Trails Insights

  1. Nature vibes: About half of the responses loved connecting to nature — walking/biking along the river, seeing wildlife, shady trees, and seeing pretty or scenic views. 
  2. Location, location, location: Almost 20 percent of respondents selected their favorite trail due to its proximity to their home, or being easy to access. 
  3. Cars, I just need some space: Almost 20 percent of respondents expressed concern for crossing or riding along major roads close to automobiles and many enjoyed the car free nature of trails.
  4. Racking up the miles: About 10 percent of respondents selected their favorite trail due to the opportunities to travel long distances across the region.
  5. Trail to somewhere: Around 9 percent of respondents discussed practical, work, school, errands, and/or transit connections that the trail provides them.