Racial Equity Action Plan & Implementation


The SACOG board has adopted a Racial Equity Action Plan (REAP) for SACOG’s operations, programs, and board practices.

The goals and objectives in this plan establish initial priorities for what SACOG can do to implement the statement of change and commitment which the board adopted in February 2022. The board is responsible for adopting the goals and objectives of this plan. The Race, Equity, Inclusion Working Group will oversee implementation of the plan and make recommendations to the SACOG board, based on review of plan progress reports, of any changes to the plan to increase its effectiveness.  

SACOG’s executive director and management team are responsible for implementing this plan. The objectives of this plan are designed with a cycle of planning, implementation, and evaluation. As staff carry out the objectives, there may be the need to revisit goals, objectives, and actions. Changes to implementing actions will be made through consultation with the lead staff for that action and the management team.  At least quarterly, SACOG’s management team will take an agency-wide look at this plan: what resources are needed to carry out the identified actions, how it interacts with other planned work, and whether changes are needed based on evaluation.  These internal assessments will feed into information shared with the board. As needed, staff will propose to the board modifying goals and objectives.  

For more information about the action plan, please contact Kacey Lizon, klizon@sacog.org, (916) 340-6265 or Erik Johnson, ejohnson@sacog.org, (916) 340-6247.   

  View SACOG's REAP (Adopted October 2022)


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SACOG’s Progress in REAP Implementation

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