Racial Equity Action Plan
Working Draft


SACOG is developing a racial equity action plan. At this stage of plan development, SACOG is seeking feedback from the REI working group and stakeholders on:   

  • whether the goals and objectives reflect the learnings from stakeholder listening sessions 
  • which goals and objectives should be prioritized in 2023 
  • what’s missing from the goals and objectives

The REI working group will review the working draft racial equity action plan at its July 29, 2022 meeting. SACOG will use feedback on this working draft plan to deliver a final draft plan to the REI working group’s September 30th meeting. 

To share your feedback, please contact Kacey Lizon, klizon@sacog.org, (916) 340-6265 or Erik Johnson, ejohnson@sacog.org, (916) 340-6247.   

Racial Equity Action Plan (Working Draft | July 25, 2022)


  1. Race, Equity, and Inclusion Glossary of Terms

  2. 2022 SACOG Stakeholder Listening Session Findings

  3. Summary of Learnings from 1-on-1 interviews with REI working group members

  4. Race, Equity & Inclusion Working Group 2021-2022 Meeting Schedule

  5. SACOG Race, Equity, and Inclusion Working Group Charge