Public Review Draft 2020 MTP/SCS and EIR Available
45-day comment period closed November 7, 2019


The public comment period for the Draft 2020 Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy and Draft Environmental Impact Report closed on November 7, 2019.

Draft Environmental Impact Report for 2020 MTP/SCS
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Cover Page

Notice of Availability

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Executive Summary Table ES.1 Summary of Impacts Revised 10/14/19

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Project Description

Chapter 3: Aesthetics

Chapter 4: Agriculture and Forestry Resources

Chapter 5: Air Quality

Chapter 6: Biological Resources

Chapter 7: Cultural, Paleontological, and Tribal Cultural Resources

Chapter 8: Energy and Global Climate Change

Chapter 9: Geology, Soils, Seismicity, and Mineral Resources

Chapter 10: Hazards, Hazardous Materials, and Wildfire

Chapter 11: Hydrology and Water Quality

Chapter 12: Land Use and Planning

Chapter 13: Noise and Vibration

Chapter 14: Population and Housing

Chapter 15: Public Services and Recreation

Chapter 16: Transportation

Chapter 17: Utilities and Service Systems

Chapter 18: Alternatives Analysis

Chapter 19: Other CEQA Considerations

Chapter 20: References

Chapter 21: Report Preparation

EIR appendices

PD – 1 Notice of Preparations and Comment Letters

AQ/GHG – 1 Criteria Air Pollutant and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Summary

BIO – 1 Species-Status Plant, Wildlife, and Fish Species in the Plan Area of the Proposed MTP/SCS

BIO – 2 Sensitive Natural Communities in the Plan Area of the Proposed MTP/SCS

CR – 1 Native American Heritage Commission Letter

NOI – 1 Traffic Noise Modeling Summary

DEIR Administrative Record

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Draft 2020 MTP/SCS (full document)

Or download the plan by chapter

Cover Page

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Promise and Peril of 2040

Chapter 2: What is the MTP/SCS?

Chapter 3: The Sacramento region in the year 2040

Chapter 4: Policies and Implementation Actions

Plan appendices

Appendix A - Project List

Appendix B - Revenue Forecast

Appendix C - Land Use Forecast

Appendix D - Land Use Forecast Documentation

Appendix E - Plan Performance

Appendix F - Natural Resource Data

Appendix G - Communications and Outreach

Appendix H - Environmental Justice Analysis

Appendix I: Air Quality Conformity Analysis

Appendix J - Congestion Management Process Update Report

Appendix K: Sacramento Activity-Based Travel Simulation Model (pending)

Appendix L - Plan Requirements and Regulatory Framework

Appendix M - Aviation

Appendix N - 2015 Bicycle and Pedestrian Trails Master Plan

Appendix O - Public Participation Plan