Proposed Regional Housing Needs Plan


On November 21, 2019, the SACOG Board of Directors adopted the Cycle 6 (2021-29) RHNA methodology, which provides the number of total housing units that each jurisdiction in the SACOG region must zone for during the 8-year period. SACOG did not receive any appeals by the appeal deadline of January 5, 2020. As such, the SACOG board will hold a public hearing and consider the adoption of the Proposed Regional Housing Needs Plan (below) at its March 19, 2020 Board Meeting. 

2021-2029 Proposed Regional Housing Needs Plan

   Appendix A: RHNA Determination Letter from HCD

   Appendix B: Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Memo

   Appendix C: RHNA Methodology Consistency Determination from HCD

   Appendix D: Draft RHNA Methodology Menu

   Appendix E: Comment Letters on Draft RHNA Methodology Menu and SACOG Responses

   Appendix F: Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Survey Results

   Appendix G: Excerpts from California Government Code Section 65584