Potential Green Means Go Projects
Submitted by SACOG Cities and Counties


Accelerate Infill:

•    Specific infrastructure improvements necessary to support higher density housing and commercial development, including resizing water, sewer, and drainage. 
•    Rehabilitation of historic main street buildings in smaller cities and suburbs to provide housing and retail space
• Site inventory of commercial properties and feasibility study to provide concept-level design alternatives for infill properties with the greatest potential to include affordable housing.
•    Identify excessive parking areas and develop an incentive program to redevelop these areas, with a focus on housing.
•    Fund the consolidation and/or purchase of sites/smaller parcels to help spur affordable housing developments. 
•    Create a series of architectural pre-approved ADU master plans that Green Zone residents could utilize free of charge to help speed up the building plan check process and lower the cost of ADUs by removing the design professional cost.
•    Eliminate all ADU and multi-family housing impact fees in the Green Zone to help incentivize a larger inventory of different housing types.
•    Four-Plex pilot: Design and develop a prototype four-plex on a 60 feet x 120 feet parcel to reduce cost and incentivize increased density.

Accelerate Travel Options:

•    Provide demand responsive rideshare alternative between transit hubs and major business and residential hubs.
•    Implement Transportation Demand Management programs to increase use of alternatives to driving, including transit, ridesharing, walking, biking, and telework.
•    Express transit service to reduce parking demand and private ride sharing and vanpool services to provide alternative(s) to commuting by single occupant vehicle.

Accelerate Electric Vehicle Deployment:

•    Expand and improve EV charging infrastructure and multimodal hubs. 
•    Create an Electric Vehicle Mobility hub in Light Rail station parking lots to accommodate last mile travel from transit to job centers.