Pop-up Protected Bikeway
SACOG salutes the City of Sacramento's Downtown Bikeways Preview Project

Reduced injuries

Envision cycling separate from auto traffic in your own protected bike lane. Yes, biketopia temporarily exists in downtown Sacramento. From October 4th through October 6th the City of Sacramento has installed a temporary parking protected bikeway on P Street from 13th to 15th Street. A protected bikeway is a bike lane protected by planters, curbs, parked cars or posts to separate bike and auto traffic. By switching the location of parked cars and a bicycle lane, the parking protected bikeway preview project will demonstrate safety improvements for people walking, bicycling, and driving.

Mayor Darrell Steinberg, Councilmember Steve Hansen, and City Officials were on-site October 4th to talk about the improvements and what it means for the City. “I’m incredibly excited about this project because it helps enhance safety for all modes of transportation,” said City Active Transportation Specialist, Jennifer Donlon Wyant. “Protected bikeways embrace safety and innovation, and many cities who have implemented them have seen increases in bicycle ridership.”

Pedal the protected bikeway before attending the City’s open house on October 9th from 5-7 p.m. at City Hall. The open house will allow City residents to learn more about protected bikeways and when they can expect to see permanent protected bikeway facilities downtown. For more information, visit Sacramentobikes.org

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