Planning and Capital Categories Application
Awards expected in March 2023


SACOG released the call for projects for the Planning (Category B) and Capital (Category C) categories of the 2022 Green Means Go funding program. Together, the categories will award approx. $31 million in grant funds for efforts that help accelerate infill housing that improves housing affordability. Applications in each category were due Oct 27th, 2022.

There are three required components of the Capital category submittal:

  • Capital category application (use Capital template in ‘related links’ to the right)
  • Green Means Go Project Scope Timeline (use template in ‘related links’ to the right)
  • Community Based Organization (or similar group) Letter of Support (no required template, i.e., can use any format)

The only required component of the separate Planning category is the Planning category application itself (use Planning template in ‘related links’ to the right. I.e., no need for the timeline or support letter in the Planning category).

Each category asks for simple data metrics. Many of the metrics are produced by a custom Green Means Go funding program data tool (all categories use the same tool, some metrics are only relevant to certain categories). Each category’s application instructions summarize how to use the data tool in the application.

The two categories also reflects changes from the final guidelines in the underlying state REAP 2.0 program, which now draws solely on state funds (originally was a combination of state and federal funds).

The final Green Means Go material also reflect this statewide update, most notably through a revision to the environmental review discussion (no longer any federal funds) and guidance on housing affordability (using state, instead of federal, guidance).

SACOG will bring a staff recommendation for funding awards in the Planning and Capital categories in March of 2023. This March timeline is dependent on the state adopting SACOG’s Green Means Go program.

If you have any questions during the application period, please reach out to Garett Ballard-Rosa at