Open Call for Projects in SACOG’s competitive transportation funding round
Over $180 million in funding available for transportation projects in four-county region


SACOG has released a call for projects in the core Regional and Community Design funding programs. Offering over $180 million in transportation funding between them, these two programs are the largest components of SACOG’s 2021 Regional Funding Round.

The flexible Regional Program funds cost-effective transportation projects that realize the performance benefits of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy. The SACOG board has adopted a program target of roughly $164 million for the 2021 Regional Program.

The separate Community Design program provides funding to local governments to build placemaking projects in their communities. Funded projects help implement SACOG Blueprint Principles such as a mix of land uses, preservation of natural resources, or housing and transportation options. The 2021 Community Design program has budget of $16.5 million, with additional housing funding to follow in the spring.