Multi-Generational Housing


What is Multi-Generational Housing?

Also known as NextGen homes, multi-generational houses are single-family homes that have a second separate living space that is complete with, at minimum, a private entrance (in addition to a shared door with the main house), a bedroom, and a kitchen or kitchenette. This separate living space may also be considered a second housing unit. Homebuyers can use the second unit for a variety of uses including renting it out, housing for grandparents or other family members, visitor accommodations, and more.

Cities across California are facing housing crises and working to develop housing that meets the needs of growing and changing populations. Across the Sacramento region, homebuilders, like Lennar and Taylor Morrison, are constructing multi-generational housing in cities including in Roseville, Elk Grove, El Dorado Hills, Rancho Cordova, Woodland, and Folsom. Images of Lennar multi-generational homes can be seen below, the tan indicating the main house and the blue indicating the separate living space, or second unit (click to enlarge pictures):

What is the Goal of the Survey?

There are two primary goals in surveying homeowners about their multi-generational homes.  First, the survey will help inform cities about whether these homes are primarily housing one household, or if they are actually housing two generations or households (for example, a family plus a grandparent).  Second, the survey will help cities better understand the role multi-generational housing is serving with regards to affordable housing opportunities and /or strategies in the region.

Please take the Survey Now!

If you own a multi-generational home, please help cities in the region better understand multi-generational housing and take this quick, 7 multiple-choice question survey by April 3, 2020! It will not ask for or collect your email address or any personally identifiable information. However, you may voluntarily enter a drawing at the end of the survey to be eligible for a $25 Target gift card to be given away to one random survey respondent. You can access the survey here.

The questions in the survey are:

  1. Your home was identified by the home builder as a multi-generational home that includes a complete separate living space. Does the separate living space within your home have a private entrance, a bedroom, and a kitchen (or kitchenette)?
  2. How do you currently use your separate living space?
  3. In the future, do you plan to use the separate living space to house a family member or as a rental housing unit?
  4. If you currently use, or plan to use, your separate living space as a housing unit, do you intend to charge rent?
  5. If you currently use, or plan to use, your separate living space as a housing unit, what is the approximate monthly rent, including utility allowance?
  6. What is the approximate annual income of the household living in your separate living space?
  7. What zip code is your home located in?

Questions or comments? Contact Stephanie Henry, Senior Planner at