Monitoring Development Activity


SACOG monitors land use activity in the region for a number of different reasons, including: informing the MTP/SCS land use forecast, reviewing projects of regional significance, and for Blueprint implementation. 

Since the adoption of the Blueprint, local cities and counties have embraced the Blueprint principles, which is key to Blueprint implementation.  Because the Blueprint is a voluntary vision for how the region should grow, it doesn’t mean much if it’s not implemented.  In the Sacramento region, the Blueprint is successful because cities and counties throughout the region are implementing it at the scale that works for their individual communities.  The Blueprint growth principles are a universal set of growth principles that can be tailored to the uniqueness of each community in the region.  The SACOG region includes everything from very dense areas like downtown Sacramento to rural communities like Esparto.  The implementation of Blueprint is tailored to individual communities because what makes sense for dowtnown Sacramento might not make sense for Esparto.