Missouri Flat Bike Trail opens in El Dorado County


The Missouri Flat bike trail officially opened January 12 in El Dorado County. The trail was dedicated to 2016 Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) “Citizen of the Year” winner  Bob Smart for his efforts in helping to create pathway accessibility to pedestrians and cyclist communities in the county.

The celebration marked the completion of the long planned trail that extends along the Highway 50 from Placerville Drive and across the Weber Creek Bridge. Placerville City Council Member Patty Borelli and El Dorado County Supervisor Brian Veerkamp spoke during the dedication to honor Bob and ended with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and plaque presentation.

Bob’s advocacy for bicycling and walking in El Dorado County led to the board of supervisors’ decision to include the trail as part of the Missouri Flat road, U.S. Highway 50 Interchange project.

The pathway officially referred to as the U.S. 50 Missouri Flat Interchange Phase 1B-2, is part of a project that began in 2010 designed to accommodate both pedestrian and bike traffic. The path will be on the eastbound side of Highway 50 and is approximately 4,700 feet long from Placerville Drive to Perks Corner on Missouri Flat Road, with the section from Placerville Drive to Weber Creek Bridge at about 2,200 feet in length.

In 2014, El Dorado County Transportation Commission approved spending $90,000 for a grant application that was previously submitted to SACOG. It was to be combined with $47,000 in county funds as part of the required 11.47 percent match for a $1 million grant application to complete construction of the U.S. Highway 50/Weber Creek Bridge Bicycle/Pedestrian Facility project and to also improve its safety