Meet the Team: Rosie Ramos, External Relations Team Lead


Meet Rosie Ramos, civic leader, baker, and SACOG’s External Relations Team Lead. Rosie joined SACOG in 2015 and has grown into her role from supporting the agency’s general communications efforts to managing programs such as the Youth Leadership Academy, and SACOG’s newest initiative, the Engage Empower Implement Program. She didn’t always know that she would be in planning, but she did know that she always wanted to work with people and have a positive impact on her community. That drive led her to her role at SACOG.

When there was an opportunity to teach youth how to become more civically engaged, Rosie jumped at the opportunity to head the effort and mentor the next generation of leaders. The Youth Leadership Academy, or YLA, is entering its fifth year of programming in 2023. More than 150 students have engaged with cities and counties to learn how jurisdictions plan for the future and meet the changing needs of communities. Students are given the tools they need to advocate for their neighborhoods and how to make real change in their neighborhoods.

In addition to her leadership on YLA, Rosie is also developing a brand new SACOG funding program called Engage, Empower, Implement, or EEI. The program is being designed to address the many communities in the region that have been disadvantaged due to systemic disinvestment through community and justice-based planning. The program envisions SACOG funding outreach efforts that are community driven to create a lineup of projects ready for investment in neighborhoods that need it the most. Rosie is building the program, dedicated to forming partnerships and investing the time needed that will have a long-lasting impact to how SACOG approaches planning in the future.

Rosie is one of many spectacular SACOGians who believe in the work they do and have an opportunity to impact existing and future programs in the agency.