Making Main Street Thrive


SACOG consultant Michele Reeves of Civilis Consultants recently worked with eight local communities in the six-county Sacramento region on revitalizing rural Main Streets as well as commercial corridors. Reeves has a knack for helping communities create identities to help sustain their economic stability and she offers unique solutions to each community given their set of challenges.  

The City of Marysville’s downtown district business owners benefitted from a visit from Reeves. A local Marysville business owner, Brenda Robbins of Copy City in the downtown district has been in business for nearly two decades. Robbins stated that attending Michele’s workshop helped her business and said that, “I could listen to her all day long and her slide show was really cool.” Robbins expressed that she was lucky enough to have Reeves come into her shop and said, “that woman knows her stuff”. She spent a total of 15 minutes in the shop but gave the shop owner so many ideas to help her business. Robbins said the one thing Reeves said that stuck with her and she said, “show, don’t tell”. She is insightful and knows what a customer’s eyes automatically go to. By making simple changes like de-cluttering, showcasing the copy equipment to show that what services the shop provides has helped make an impact on Copy City’s now thriving business.  

Reeves offers a unique approach to in business corridor improvements by giving real-life examples that communities can relate to. Communities are motivated to making changes after seeing actual examples in similar communities. She gives communities a way to achieve practical solutions for their downtown and commercial corridors.