Lime Has Taken Over JUMP’s Bike and Scooter Business
What Does That Mean for the Sacramento Region?

JUMP was blooming in Sacramento prior to Covid-19.

May 28, 2020: On May 7, micromobility company Lime announced a $170 million funding round, led by an $85 million investment from Uber. The deal folded Uber’s JUMP e-bike and e-scooter business into Lime’s operations. Since then, a chorus of local users have been asking, what does that mean for the Sacramento region, where both JUMP and Lime had operated scooters pre-Covid-19? 

The short answer is that we don’t yet know. Since Lime has taken over JUMP’s business, we know JUMP bikes and scooters will not reappear on the streets of Sacramento, West Sacramento, and Davis. Lime is examining the operations of all the markets where it has taken over from JUMP and has not announced any plans yet. As Lucas Frerichs, Davis City councilmember and SACOG board chair said: “Lime is just getting up to speed on the Sacramento region operations and SACOG has begun discussions with them. We look forward to working with Lime with the goal of continuing what is one of the most popular shared bike operations in the country.” 

Lime’s chief policy officer David Spielfogel told SmartCitiesDive, “We’re going to fully integrate the JUMP assets and operations. Obviously we are a micromobility company, not a scooter company, so having the addition of those bikes is very helpful. And they’re deployed around the world. So we are excited for many of the cities we already service to now have a bike option. 

“The plan is for full integration, and we’re already hard at work on that. It takes a little time, certainly on the technical side, but that’s in full swing.” 

Stay tuned for more because as we get firm information from Lime, we are keen to share it with the region’s micromobility fans.