Launching Civic Lab
August 17th Forum


*** Forum is sold out ***

On August 17th, SACOG is kicking off a new initiative we’re calling ‘Civic Lab’ to help our region move to the forefront of innovations in new transportation technologies and smart mobility. 

For the next 12 months, Civic Lab will offer a hands-on curriculum that will challenge participants to test how car sharing, ride sharing, on-demand shuttles, intelligent transportation infrastructure, and autonomous vehicles can improve mobility in our communities. We will take advantage of local thought leaders, and bring in national experts to round out a series of workshops that will explore innovative transportation solutions and develop local pilot projects to experiment with new ideas. These workshops will be focused on specific projects that participants bring to the table aimed at solving local and regional mobility challenges. Civic Lab will provide the space, time, and resources to turn ideas into tangible projects. 

In preparing for the launch of Civic Lab, we’ve met with innovators and thought leaders throughout the region exploring how advancements in transportation technologies can be best utilized. We’ve talked with those conducting leading research on shared mobility, discovered who is implementing pilot projects on autonomous vehicles, and learned about innovative ways to use big data. Now it’s time to bring all of those people into one room to begin working together to help solve the region’s transportation challenges.