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Our Joint HR Services contract with Koff & Associates is available for local government agencies to piggyback on the master agreement. The contract was awarded following a complete solicitation representing the potential participation of the 6 county 22 city SACOG region for human resource consulting services. The cooperative procurement format streamlines the buying process and establishes a grouped discount through bulk purchase of services and commodities on behalf of the SACOG membership.

Koff & Associates is a full-service public sector consulting firm specializing in consultation and custom services for the management of human resources. K&A helps their clients address the people side of their business to strengthen productivity and optimize organizational performance.  

Please visit or contact Georg Krammer;, 510.658.5633, for additional information.

Attached below is the base Joint HR Services Contract and the Participating Agency Sub-Agreement. Also attached is a video meeting recording giving background to SACOG’s joint contracting involvement and walks through the website, contract, and ”How To” piggyback steps.

Joint HR Services Contract 

(contact Conor for amendments)

Participating Agency Sub-Agreement
Video Recording - Contract Overview

If your agency has an interest in piggybacking onto the master agreement the applicant agency must follow the “How To” steps and complete the attached Participating Agency Sub-Agreement. The form highlights fields in yellow that must be addressed or filled out by any agency who wishes to piggyback onto the base contract.             

Services available includE:            
  • Complete and Individual Classification and Compensation Studies and Updates
  • Classification Audits
  • On-Call HR Services Including:
    • Recruitment, Non-Legal Investigations, Advisement on Labor Laws and Regulations, Change Management, Succession Planning, Performance Management, Developing Training and Career Development Program, and more. 

The contract listed does not include base pricing information – please contact Conor Peterson, (916) 319-5188 for more information on the contract and to submit any documents.