Joint HR Services
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Our Joint HR Services contract with Koff & Associates is available for local government agencies to utilize.

Services available includE:            
  • Complete and Individual Classification and Compensation Studies and Updates
  • Classification Audits
  • On-Call HR Services Including:
    • Recruitment
    • Non-Legal Investigations
    • Advisement on Labor Laws and Regulations
    • Change Management, Succession Planning
    • Performance Management
    • Developing Training and Career Development Program and more

Please visit or contact Georg Krammer;, 510.658.5633, for additional information.

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Attached below is the base Joint HR Services Contract and the Participating Agency Sub-Agreement. Also attached is a video meeting recording giving additional background.

Joint HR Services Contract 

(contact Conor for amendments)

Participating Agency Sub-Agreement
Video Recording - Contract Overview

If your agency has an interest in piggybacking onto the master agreement the applicant agency must follow the “How To” steps and complete the attached Participating Agency Sub-Agreement. The form highlights fields in yellow that must be addressed or filled out by any agency who wishes to piggyback onto the base contract.             

The contract was awarded following a complete solicitation representing potential participation from local governments in the SACOG region and throughout California for human resource consulting services. The cooperative procurement format streamlines the buying process and establishes a grouped discount through bulk purchase of services and commodities on behalf of the SACOG membership.

The contract listed does not include base pricing information – please contact Conor Peterson, (916) 319-5188 for more information on the contract and to submit any documents.