Joint Fuel & Lubricants
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The joint fuel & lubricants contract provides access to eight separate commodities to local government agencies throughout the capitol region. 

commodities available include
  1. Unleaded 
  2. ULS Diesel
  3. Renewable Diesel
  4. Red-Dyed Diesel
  5. Ethanol
  6. Propane
  7. Various lubricants
  8. Cardlock fueling 

The available contract partners with Hunt & Sons Inc. to provide products 1-7. For Cardlock both Hunt & Sons Inc. and Ramos Oil Inc. can provide services. A reserve supplier is also under agreement for renewable diesel.


Attached below is both the base contract and Participating Agency Sub-Agreement. The sub-agreement must be filled out by any agency who wishes to purchase products through the base contract. Please reference the “How To” process or reach out to our contact information below on how to leverage the agreement. 

Joint Fuel Contract Documents

Hunt & Sons Inc: Executed Contract Participating Agency Sub-Agreement

Ramos Oil: Executed Contract Participating Agency Sub-Agreement

The contract listed does not include base pricing information – please contact Katie Brunetti, (916) 340-6229 for more information on the contract and to submit any documents.