January 2019 Update
Preferred Scenario Review


At the January board meeting, staff is presenting the land use and transportation assumptions used in the Draft Preferred Scenario that is out for local agency review. Comments on the transportation and land use assumptions are requested by February 28, 2019.

Major Transportation Infrastructure List

The major infrastructure investments summary includes regionally significant and costly transportation investments that sponsor agencies have nominated for the 2020 MTP/SCS. The table describes the lead agency, title, scope, cost, and status of projects in the current Draft Preferred Scenario. These listings include projects, or groupings of projects, that will require significant investments of $100 million or more and likely require substantial federal, state, or regional funds to construct. This list is not inclusive of all projects nominated for the MTP/SCS. Staff has shared the full list of more than 1,600 projects with local and partner agency staff for review and comment over the next six weeks. In El Dorado and Placer Counties, the El Dorado County Transportation Commission and the Placer County Transportation Planning Agency will review the list of transportation investments with the local jurisdictions in those counties. In Sacramento, Sutter, Yolo, and Yuba counties, the list was provided directly to local staff. 

Draft Land Use Forecast

The draft land use forecast describes the total housing and job growth anticipated in each jurisdiction by our greenhouse gas milestone year (2035) and the horizon year of the plan (2040). The table includes a summary of existing housing and jobs for 2016, a buildout estimate based on local plans, and the anticipated totals and amount of growth anticipated by jurisdiction for the draft land use forecast for the 2020 MTP/SCS. The forecast from the current MTP/SCS adopted in 2016 is also included for reference. Staff has shared the land use forecast with local agency staff to begin a six-week review period of the assumptions included in the draft forecast.