Innovative Mobility Program Launches New Framework
2021 - 2023 competitive grants and participatory programming for member jurisidictions and partners


The Sacramento region and SACOG are primed be at the forefront of disruption, development, and influence for expanded and new mobility solutions that increase mobility options for those with the fewest while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Through the next iteration of the Innovative Mobility Program, SACOG will work to solve key mobility issues, generate public-private partnerships, and increase private sector investment through iterative, timely, and measured programs and pilots.  

The board approved $6 million for two years of innovative mobility programming in the 2020 funding round action at its September 2020, board meeting. 

2021 – 2023 Program Strategies 

  1. Implement SACOG’s priority mobility projects using the Civic Lab program. 
  2. Create a pipeline of implementation for SACOG awarded grants, plans, and priority projects.  
  3. Allocate funding to member jurisdictions and partners to launch quantifiable projects. 
  4. Expand the reach of existing and new tools, programs, grants, and incentives through core programming. 

This framework brings together the most promising strategies of best practices from Civic Lab, transportation behavior change programs, lessons learned over the past five years, while creating a framework for increasing public-private partnerships to develop and deliver measurable pilot projects and programs. This program is also designed to be agile and responsive to new opportunities or challenges in our region.