Innovating the Call for Projects Process


SACOG staff are working with transportation project sponsors to review and nominate projects for the region’s long range transportation project list as part of developing the 2024 Blueprint, previously the Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy or MTP/SCS. Once every 4 years, SACOG asks transportation project sponsors to review their project details to help us build the region’s long range transportation project list. For this update, our plan horizon year is 2050. 

For this update, SACOG staff has utilized an online mapping tool to modernize the process for the 2024 Blueprint (MTP/SCS) call for projects. Sponsors will be able to see their projects in the interactive map tool and review available data relevant to each of the Blueprint goals including Equity, Economy, and Environment. Particular attention will be given to understanding sponsor priorities for competitive funding and the outreach methods used to scope and design priority projects. 

Currently the online mapping tool is only accessible to project sponsors. Each project sponsor should have received an email with login and password information for your unique agency. If you are your agency’s project sponsor and have not received your login information or you are having trouble accessing the project nomination tool, please contact Sam Shelton at 916.340.6251 or email  

Key dates and staggered deadlines for project nominations:  
  • March 16, Call for project nominations, private sponsor tool released
  • March 30, Special Regional Planning Partnership webinar 
  • April 25, Deadline for non-exempt, capacity increasing project nominations  
  • May 2, Deadline for exempt, no additional capacity project nominations (no new nominations after this date) 
  • May 11, Deadline for supplemental Priority project info for submitted nominations (no new nominations, only additional info)  
  • May 16, Deadline for mapping and GIS related comments prior to public release  
  • June/July 2022, publicly accessible mapping tool released 
Helpful Materials for Project Sponsors  

For more information on long range transportation planning as well as Blueprint, 2020 MTP/SCS and MTIP specifics, staff drafted an FAQ that addresses key questions from prior plan updates.

Please see the 2024 Blueprint Nomination List that has been updated with MTIP 2021-10 data. This spreadsheet contains all the projects that were listed in the current 2020 MTP/SCS and programmed in the 2021 MTIP as of amendment 10.  

Public Access  

After project sponsors complete their project nominations for SACOG staff use, an online mapping tool will be available to the public to view proposed projects and other data. Check back this summer to learn more.