Housing Series Workshop 3
Conversations with the private sector

Housing Series Workshop 3
This workshop brings the private sector front and center with our local planners.

What will it take to get an ADU builder in this region? How would adjust fees from per unit to per square foot enable a developer to build more infill units? Featuring Umpqua Bank, PrefabADU, and Urban Elements.

Steve Vallejos is the President of Prefab ADU, a Licensed General contractor & factory home builder with extensive experience in design/builds using all types of advanced building techniques. Over the past 14 years he has been designing and building Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s) & Custom homes using, manufactured homes, modular homes, panelized homes and conventional construction. 

Susan Brown is the senior vice president, Residential Construction and Renovation Loan Production Director with Umpqua Bank, is a seasoned financial services industry professional with 15 years executive leadership experience. Her role in construction loan production allows her to focus on two important initiatives: ADUs and manufactured homes. Susan is a Certified Mortgage Banker and Accredited Mortgage Professional. She has seats on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Advisory Boards, prominent roles on national Industry Panels and influence at the Mortgage Bankers Association. 

Julie Young is the President of Urban Elements and has been active in the development community for over 35 years.  Julie formed Urban Elements, Inc., a design & development company, in 2007. She has served as either property manager, developer or, project management for various retail, commercial, industrial and hotel projects. Her largest completed project is the Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach, an $80 million-dollar, multi-phase property restoration.