Green Zones
Local Nomination Update


Prioritizing and incentivizing infill development is one of the most important actions government agencies can take to reduce the amount and distance that people need to drive, manage congestion, foster economic development, and reduce tailpipe emissions. That is why the process of jurisdictions nominating Green Zones, which are priority areas for infill development, is key to SACOG’s Green Means Go strategy.  

As of October 27, 2020: 

12 member jurisdictions have sent us nominations or draft Green Zone boundaries before the Oct 30 nomination deadline. 

Two cities have passed resolutions adopting Green Zones, with 10 more scheduled by the November 30 deadline. 

Seven member jurisdictions are being actively assisted by SACOG staff to submit a draft nomination on time. 

Local Nomination Process

For Green Means Go to be most effective, Green Zones need to be in areas where new growth is planned and is supported by local policies and actions so that the efforts to accelerate infill, travel choice, and electrification all have potential to be complementary strategies. This local commitment to increased development in Green Zones is the essential first step to transforming these areas over time.

The framework for establishing Green Zones is centered around a locally led nomination process and was approved by the SACOG Board of Directors on August 20, 2020. The framework outlines the collaborative nomination process, requirements, and timeline. 

Framework for Establishing Green Zones

The Green Zone nomination period ended October 30, 2020.

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