Green Zone Corridors for Free ULI Housing Workshop in Fall
Nominations closed on April 25, 2022


SACOG is pleased to be partnering with the Urban Land Institute (ULI) and the Terwilliger Center for Housing to bring out a set of national experts this fall for an advisory services panel workshop. A panel of local and national experts in the fields of infill development, infrastructure, finance, and real estate will be in the region for a week-long workshop. The panel will provide technical assistance to two corridor/project areas within the SACOG region relating to Green Means Go. SACOG is looking for local jurisdiction nomination of two Green Zone corridors or sites that will serve as the case studies for the fall panel and technical assistance. 

The service is at no cost to the participating local agencies, as SACOG and ULI are covering all the costs of the technical assistance panel and workshop. The local jurisdiction would need to commit to staff time for providing project information for the workshop.

The questions explored through the work (and recommendations generated) will be tailored to the specific needs of the two selected Green Zones, but generally, relate to key questions around accelerating attainable infill housing in the corridor such as an overall assessment of needed infrastructure upgrades to accommodate infill, the process of enticing private development into an area, long range infrastructure financing, or coordination between urban design and infrastructure planning.

If you are interested in having one of your Green Zones be considered for the ULI technical assistance, please reach out to Greg Chew ( no later than Monday, April 25. There is no written application requirement.  We ask that you contact SACOG staff and then we would set up a brief 30-minute conversation to talk through the below criteria:

  • Confirm the project is in your locally-adopted Green Zone(s) 
  • Point to an adopted (or in process) planning document for corridor 
  • Speak to the potential for more infill housing in the area, and discuss the key barriers 
  • Talk about community, landowner, or elected official support 
  • Talk through staff capacity to support workshop (ask would be once a month steering effort starting in June, help providing local contacts, and participating in fall workshop) 

SACOG and ULI would then select two study areas that best match the program objectives. Selection into this program does not equate to a grant award for the Green Means Go funding program, but it would further a project in achieving the GMG objective of preparedness for infill development. The week-long visit would take place in mid-November (tentatively, week of November 14).