Data Packages 2021-2029
HCD Approved data packages


Data Package 1 – is primarily point-in-time data based off of 2013-2017 Census ACS 5-year data and covers twelve topics through twenty-three tables. Data are available by County and include breakouts of each dataset (where applicable) for all incorporated cities as well as the unincorporated area of each County. Many of these tables are formatted and may be directly dropped into housing elements wherever appropriate.

Data Package 1 Topics include: Total Population, Total Housing Units, Employment by Industry, Household Characteristics, Housing Stock Characteristics, Disability, Farm Workers, Homeless, and Assisted Units (both At-risk and all other)

Data Package 2 – is primarily trend data based off of the 2000 Census, the 2010 Census and Census ACS 5-year data products from 2010-2014 and 2014-2018 time spans. These tables are a continuance of the Housing Element Data provided to jurisdictions for the 2013-2021 RHNA cycle and in most cases include that prior data with the addition of more recent ACS data. In cases where previous Census tables had been discontinued, other similar Census tables were identified, and data provided where-ever possible. Data are available in a large master workbook that cover ten topics through thirty tables for all Counties, Incorporated Cities and Unincorporated areas of each County in the same workbook. Many of these tables are for background trend analysis and context.

Data Package 2 Topics include: Population Trend Characteristics (Gender/Age/Race-Ethnicity), Employment by Industry Trends, Household Trends, Household Income Trends, Housing Stock Trends, Disability Trends, Elderly Trends, Large Household and Female Headed Household Trends and detailed Homeless Trends. 

Please note that topic areas and tables covered may be shown in both data packages. Data tables within Data Package 1 are formatted in a way where many can be dropped directly into a Housing Element document if appropriate. Data Package 2 are more for background, viewing trends and providing context.

Each Data Package includes a ‘ReadMe’ Tab with Topic Names, Table Names, Data Source(s), Year of Data and a Notes field that describes any particular issue within that dataset that you should be aware of and/or changes in how the data have been collected over time.

El Dorado County Data Package

Placer County Data Package

Sacramento County Data Package

Sutter County Data Package

Yolo County Data Package

Yuba County Data Package

2020 SACOG Housing Element Data - Package 2