Current Estimates


Current and Historical Population, Housing & Employment Estimates

Annual estimates of population, housing and employment characteristics by Jurisdiction and County in the SACOG Region from the California Department of Finance (DOF) and the California Economic Development Department (EDD) can be found in the SACOG Data Library above.

Additional California specific housing and population data and information can be found at the Demographic Research Unit (DRU) of the California Department of Finance.

U.S. Census Bureau estimates can be accessed via the American Factfinder site.

For questions or additional information please contact Tina Glover.

Employment Estimates & Labor Market Information

Labor Market Information

California EDD — For California specific employment & labor market data regarding resident workers, jobs, industries, occupations and more can be found at the California Employment Development Department (EDD) Labor Market Information Division (LMID) website. There are limited geographies available, generally at the county level and/or at the Census Designated Place (CDP) level which include Incorporated Jurisdictions. Some of these EDD employment summaries can be found at the SACOG Data Library.

An important distinction is ‘labor market’ or ‘Civilian labor force data’ which includes all employed or persons seeking employment that live in a given area. These include self-employed individuals, unpaid family workers, household domestic workers & workers on strike. ‘Industry employment data’, counts employees where they work (jobs) and through EDD is only readily available at the County level. EDD calculates employment by industry at place of work but only for jobs that pay into Unemployment Insurance. So it excludes self-employed individuals, unpaid family workers, household domestic workers & workers on strike. There may also be limitations in terms of some government workers. Data is also rounded generally to the nearest 100 and some data may be suppressed.

Additional Sources of Employment Data

A major concern in transportation planning is the acquisition of quality employment data. Employment data are used in transportation planning to model the journey to work, conduct economic assessments, carry out transit and travel demand planning, examine and plan social service delivery and evaluate fixed physical infrastructure investments. Rarely is it collected solely for transportation purposes. For the transportation community this means using someone else’s data.

To help those interested in this topic, a list of the sources of employment (jobs) data from both private and public sources have been assembled. This list should be considered a draft and does not include every possible supplier of these types of data. If there is a missing source that should be added, please contact Ed Christopher, FHWA Resource Center Planning Team, at, 708-283-3534.