Cleaning up to Spur Redevelopment
EPA Awards $750,000 to City of Sacramento and $300,000 to West Sacramento through Brownfields Program


The EPA has awarded $750,000 to the City of Sacramento for a brownfields revolving loan fund program that will be focused on the North Sacramento community. West Sacramento also received $300,000 from the EPA for brownfields assessments related to the Pioneer Bluff area. A brownfield site is an infill or redevelopment opportunity that is challenged by the contamination, or potential contamination, of a hazardous substance. The ability for cities and communities to safely cleanup these sites is essential to their eventual redevelopment, but is a time intensive and expensive process. Awards like this make it possible to sustainably reuse these lands to create new housing and spur economic development opportunities in communities. This type of infill reuse is essential to our region’s ability to provide healthy, prosperous communities that offer housing choice and transportation choice by locating homes, jobs, and services near each other.