Civic Lab Year One Celebrates with Team Graduation
Inaugural year comes to a close and transitions to project testing

Civic Lab Year One Celebrates with Team Graduation

Civic Lab Year One brought together cross disciplinary teams to tackle challenging issues related to transportation and land use, and to pilot innovate solutions that can have local and regional impacts. Teams consisting of public agencies and the private sector partners came together to test and innovate on planning, programs, and policy.  Their hard work paid off with the SACOG Board of Directors allocating $1 million in project funding. SACOG celebrated the completion of Year One with a reception and graduation on June 21, 2018. 

Civic Lab has resulted in many transportation projects that have already started, or will soon start, their implementation phase:

  • The Work Force Development for Youth project will connect youth to summer construction jobs
  • The Light Rail to Campus project will launch autonomous shuttles to take Sac State students, faculty, and staff from the 65th St. light rail station to campus 
  • The Apple Hill project will help reduce traffic during peak tourist times by using wayfinding apps, increasing signage, and improving transit between ranches 
  • The Woodland Mobility Hub project will site mobility hubs and take technologies to fit them into the City of Woodland
  • The First/Last Mile Suburban project will launch multiple projects that include microtransit and travel training programs
  • The Rural Transportation project will study new ways to move residents in rural areas
  • The Davis Amtrak Station project will work with qualified vendors to increase car occupancy rates with mobile apps and develop microtransit services
  • The Franklin Boulevard Zero Emissions project will operate microtransit and will also fund all-electric shuttle buses through Electrify America
  • The Rancho Cordova autonomous vehicle project will implement a Level 5 AV in the city.

The next steps for these teams and projects is to move into the Mobility Sandbox where they will be able to share lessons learned with peers across the region and provide technical assistance for other pilot projects. The Mobility Sandbox will move projects from ideas to implementation, and will act as a space to encourage private public partnerships through workshops. 

Civic Lab Year Two is already gaining momentum and will begin this fall with a focus on commercial corridor revitalization. 

For additional information on Civic Lab, visit the project page and view the Year One recap video or the full press release.

Congratulations Civic Lab Year One – Class of 2018!