CEQA Streamlining Upheld
Sustainable Communities Strategy Affirmed as Infill Environmental Review


Recently, the Yamanee mixed-use residential project in midtown Sacramento, won a lawsuit filed by opponents over environmental issues. The Sustainable Communities Strategy was upheld as a form of environmental review and the project’s consistency with the Sustainable Communities Strategy – a requirement for any project to use SB 375 CEQA streamlining – was upheld.

SB 375 created a new form of environmental review, a sustainable communities environmental assessment. This form of review is designed for transit-supportive infill projects to enable faster and more certain environmental review for projects that are consistent with a metropolitan transportation plan and sustainable communities strategy (SACOG’s MTP/SCS) that demonstrates reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. SACOG provides a worksheet to help lead agencies determine if projects are eligible for SB 375 CEQA streamlining.