Del Paso Boulevard


The corridor of Del Paso Boulevard lies along the historic Lincoln Highway (US 40) in Old North Sacramento. In 1947, Highway 160 was developed, blocking downtown from passing through Del Paso Boulevard, instead taking traffic past North Sacramento straight to Carmichael and Roseville. Del Paso Boulevard suffers from old or inadequate infrastructure, which has proven to be a barrier to development. This, coupled with a lack of investment and new consumer attractions, has led to vacant or underutilized sites along the corridor. Current state aside, Del Paso Boulevard is a prime location for revitalization, infill development, and low-VMT living, as it lies just north of the Central City and includes three light rail stops along the Boulevard and Arden Way. The Boulevard has seen recent streetscape improvements and has two large affordable housing projects coming online in the next few years. 

Examples of potential local Green Zone actions:

Accelerate Infill: 

•    Reduce barriers and promote the development of long-term affordable housing options near transit and employment centers, including actions already taken:
o    Reduced development fees.
o    Established a fee deferral program.
o    Passed a TOD ordinance to preserve opportunity and incentivize transit oriented development.
o    Provided density bonus incentives for affordable units and buildings that exceed the State’s minimum green building standards.
•    Infrastructure development to catalyze infill housing and promote business development, including draining and water infrastructure improvements.

Accelerate Travel Options: 

•    Pedestrian connection planned by the City and Regional Transit to connect the Swanston Light Rail Station with the significant employment center on the east side of the UPRR tracks.
•    Reduce cost of public transit for low-income residents and disincentivize driving.
•    Prepaid Visa card to pay for transit, bikeshare, intercity trips. Allows for getting around without an auto.

Accelerate Electric Vehicle Deployment: 

•    Expand the Community CarShare to provide subsidized car share options.