On-call planning and technical support
Consultant bench available to SACOG member agencies and Caltrans


SACOG conducted an RFQ in 2022 to establish a bench of on-call consultants that is also available to member agencies and Caltrans. (Consultants by Planning Category)

Planning and technical Categories
  1. Regional Transit Planning and Implementation: planning and implementation support services to identify, plan and implement projects that make public transit a more attractive option.

  2. Transportation Planning and Implementation: develop and implement transportation policies and planning for broad ranging transportation projects.

  3. Transportation Program Development and Administration: develop and administer transportation programs, including mobility management and Transportation Demand Management.

  4. Regional Freeway and Highway Planning and Implementation: planning, development and implementation support services to deliver cost-effective operational efficiency and strategies to improve the safety and mobility of regional freeway and highways.

  5. Data Collection and Modeling Support: assist with data collection and modeling, including use of regional model.

  6. Comprehensive and Technical Planning: develop plans adopted by Local Governments, such as Specific Plans, that encompass comprehensive community goals and public policies with an equitable planning lens, including transportation, land use, housing, utilities, and recreation. Employ engineering services in developing technical infrastructure plans and studies that support same community goals and public policies.

  7. Engagement and Outreach: meaningfully and authentically engage diverse stakeholders in planning and community development processes, with a particular focus on racial and social justice.

  8. Economic & Real Estate Analysis: model economic, market and real estate trends on a regional, county, city, or site-specific scale. Develop inclusive economic strategies such as anti-displacement or disadvantaged business attraction tailored to specific corridors or projects.

  9. Environment and Resilience: develop plans, policies, and tools related to resilience and environmental protection and safety elements, including California Environmental Quality Act expertise and Environmental Impact Report development support.

  10. Grant Writing: assist Local Governments with completion of federal, state, and other grant applications.

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