Bike Share contract is close to completion


After months of negotiations, on March 2, 2017 the Transportation Committee was asked to recommend that the SACOG Board award a contract to Social Bicycles for the region’s upcoming bike share program.

SACOG and SoBi have come to an agreement on a contract that optimizes the project with an improved business model (compared to the model that was presented at the Transportation Committee in Fall 2016). The new robust model lowers the proposed fixed cost, limits dependence on public funds and commits both parties to partner in the search for a title sponsor. This model also creates stable program funding for the project in the early years and eliminates the need to ask for additional support from partner agencies. The contract is structured with incentives for both SACOG and SoBi to create and maintain a financially sound project, but also to create a system for residents that pedals forward the vision of a healthier and greener Sacramento region. 

For more information on the contract, below is the item reviewed by the Transportation Committee.

Draft Regional BikeShare Contract

Next Steps:

The final contract will be completed and available for SACOG Board to review and discuss during the Board meeting on March 16. After the Board approves the contract, work with SoBi and their sub-contractor, Toole Design Group, will begin with the planning phase of the project.

Another item on a critical path is the sponsorship. SACOG and SoBi will be actively pursuing a title sponsor. Work has started on this and there are potential sponsors already in the works.