Assistance for Community Infill and Revitalization

Assistance for Community Infill and Revitalization

Revitalization Technical Assistance

Through funding from the state Strategic Growth Council (SGC), SACOG is working with Portland State University’s Urban Sustainability Accelerator (USA) Program to provide technical assistance to cities and counties in the region on local projects that will help intensify/revitalize a Center, Corridor, or Established Community.

With some creativity, a united community, and a few forward thinking property owners, communities can make real progress toward reshaping their commercial districts so they reflect a unique and authentic identity. Michele E. Reeves, is providing technical assistance to three of SACOG’s member agencies (Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova & Sacramento County) through the Portland State University Urban Sustainability Accelerator program for Suburban Placemaking.

Community Revitalization and Capacity-Building in Disadvantaged Communities

In a project funded by SGC, SACOG is working with Portland State University’s Center for Public Interest Design, the city and county of Sacramento, community organizations and residents to complete feasibility studies for the reuse of Maple School as a community center in South Sacramento, and for long term revitalization of Marysville Boulevard and Grand Avenue in Del Paso Heights.