April 21, 2023 – Race, Equity, & Inclusion Working Group Meeting
April 21, 2023
1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m.



Working Group Outcomes for 2023:

  • Build understanding and support among key stakeholders and board members for SACOG’s Racial Equity Action Plan implementation
  • Better understand and define the key components of meaningful community engagement process
  • Develop regional equity indicators that SACOG will collect and report on a regular basis
  • Provide recommendations to the SACOG board on assessing equity impacts of proposed policy decisions
  • Based on REAP progress reports, make recommendations to the SACOG board of any changes to the REAP to increase its effectiveness and impact


  • SACOG Racial Equity Action Plan
  • Glossary of terms

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call: Directors Bulahan, Desmond, Gayaldo, Ghag, Guerrero, Harris, Loren, Saragosa, Vice Chair Suen, and Chair Jennings. External Members: Shawntay Arroyo, Aimee Barnes, Maria Chacon-Kniestedt, Woody Deloria, Elisa Herrera, Kendra Lewis, Marco Lizarraga, Raul Martinez, Christine Tien, William Walker,

Public Communications: Any person wishing to address the committee on any item not on the agenda may do so at this time. After ten minutes of testimony, any additional testimony will be heard following the action items.


  1. Approve Remote Working Group Meeting (Est. Time: 0 minutes)
    • Approval to hold the working group meeting remotely.


  1. Meeting Agenda Topics (Lanette Espinoza) (Est. Time: 120 minutes)
    • The agenda topics for the April 21, 2023, Race, Equity & Inclusion Working Group meeting.

Other Matters


April 21, 2023 – Race, Equity, & Inclusion Working Group Meeting

(The full agenda can also be viewed here.)