Addressing Equity One Issue at a Time
Engagement and Infrastructure Issue Briefs


The Sacramento region’s Bike Share is growing on a daily basis and has become a viable transportation choice to get around. The popularity of the system has shed light on the missing public infrastructure when it comes to the availability and location of bike racks though. There are barriers for all people when it comes to safe-cycling and bike-safe infrastructure but, it becomes a greater barrier for low-income communities and communities of color. The Sacramento region bike share system has opportunities that can be a catalyst for continued improvements throughout the community, public health and economic development. 

Another bike share challenge is the engagement of low-income and minority communities. SACOG and partners have tried to focus on the communities that have the biggest chance of being left out of the bike share system. Low-income areas have not always been included in the service areas and the lack of strong engagement and communication creates a non-existent ridership in the low-income and minority communities. SACOG has committed to encouraging a system that heavily focuses on outreach, engagement and strategic marketing to promote the system to all user groups.