Accelerating Zero Emission Vehicle Deployment


The Sacramento Area Zero Emission Vehicle Deployment Strategy is calling for an investment of $967 million to boost our clean energy movement and revive communities impacted by climate change and COVID-19

The newly released strategy was developed in partnership by SACOG, SMAQMD, SMUD and SacRT. The attached overview documents how our four agencies will coordinate efforts to prioritize:

  • $540M – Zero emission transit fleet conversion and refueling infrastructure
  • $100M – Zero emission goods movement and heavy duty fleet transition
  • $182M – Charging stations and clean transportation options for under-resourced communities
  • $145M – Under-resourced community workforce development

Sacramento Area Zero Emission Vehicle Deployment Strategy

In August, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released their Sixth Assessment Report which describes climate change as widespread, rapid and intensifying. Year after year, California experiences these extreme effects of global warming with increasingly intense wildfires and droughts impacting residents and neighboring states. At the same time, COVID-19 has punched a hole in the lives of the most vulnerable in our region, disrupting job sectors that are unlikely to rebound as we make our way through the pandemic. Cities and counties in the Sacramento region cannot address these environmental and economic challenges on their own. It is time to accelerate our investments in zero emissions mobility and help in the recovery of our impacted communities.