AB 2097


On September 22, 2022, the Governor signed Assembly Bill (AB) 2097, which added Government Code Section (§) 65863.2. AB 2097 prohibits a public agency from imposing or enforcing any minimum automobile parking requirement on any residential, commercial, or other development project that is within one-half mile of an existing or planned major transit stop, with minor exceptions.

See the map here for affected areas in the SACOG region based on the planned major transit stops in the adopted 2020 MTP/SCS. The areas are subject to change with each MTP/SCS adoption. This map is for illustrative purposes only and was not drafted with the express approval of all local governments in the SACOG region. Local governments are the lead agencies responsible for making the final determination on AB 2097’s application. For more details, Download AB 2097 Basics document.