2021 Race, Equity, & Inclusion Look Ahead
SACOG adds members of public to working group


Building on the momentum of the working groups’ launch in 2020, the SACOG board has appointed members of the public to participate in the Race, Equity, & Inclusion (REI) Working Group. 

The public members come from organizations serving the region and/or state and bring expertise and experience in moving organizations to advance racial equity in their programs and policies. 

Public members will partner with board members to implement the first phases of SACOG’s Racial Equity Framework. The multi-year framework starts with listening and learning. The opportunity to collaborate with nationally recognized leaders in racial equity will provide tremendous benefit to both the leadership and staff at SACOG. 

We are grateful to these exceptional folks and appreciate their time and dedication as we work to address structural racism. 

Public Members Joining REI Working Group

  • Avital Barnea, CA State Transportation Agency
  • Carolyn Coleman, CA League of Cities
  • Elisa Hererra, Latino Leadership Council
  • Chet Hewitt, Sierra Health Foundation
  • Heather Hostler
  • Ilene Jacobs, CA Rural Legal Assistance
  • Holly Nickel, Public Health Institute
  • Debbie Oto-Kent, Health Education Council
  • Christine Tien, The California Endowment
  • Joshua Wood, Region Business