2021 Maintenance & Modernization Category Application Materials
Applications due Jan 15, 2021


SACOG has released the program guidelines, application, and required materials for the Maintenance & Modernization category of the 2021 Regional Program. Applicants should begin with the program guidelines, which provide the program’s schedule, application instructions, and evaluation guidance.

The submittal to the Maintenance & Modernization program category requires several associated exhibits as part of the full application packet. The program guidelines describe each of these exhibits in greater detail. Application elements 1-5 are required for each project submittal. Elements 6 through 8 are optional. In preparing your application please use the templates linked to the right and include each exhibit as separate attachments when you submit your electronic application packet.

Application Materials (access through links on the right)

Required content in 2021 Maintenance & Modernization category application

1. Project application

2. Project Programming Request

3. Engineers Cost Estimate

4a. Project Performance Assessment Data Table or

4b. Transit Asset Management Data Table (for transit vehicle replacement and equipment

5. Cost-Effectiveness Calculation

Additional content

6. Sponsor priority ranking tables (only needed once per sponsor, not in every application)

7. Supplemental section for local match waiver (Optional. Only for projects serving a disadvantaged community that are requesting a match waive)

8. Additional graphics, maps, visuals, letters (optional. There is no template for this optional material. I.e., the sponsor can prepare in any format it sees fit)