2020 Travel Demand Model User Conference


SACOG hosted the free 2020 Travel Demand Modeling User Conference on February 24 and 25, 2020. Attendees learned about SACOG’s travel model (SACSIM) and other data tools used for transportation planning for the SACOG region.

The 2020 two-day conference focused on:

  • 2020 MTP/SCS modeling applications and data release,
  • what SB 743 and roadway pricing mean for transportation planning and,
  • roundtable user discussions and hands on training workshops.

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Day 1

Provided a general overview of SACSIM and facilitated an open forum to discuss modeling needs for transportation policy and planning.


Day 2

Focused on workshops to take a deeper dive into working directly with the model and understanding how to use it.



The 2020 Model Users Conference was attended by a diverse group of researchers and practitioners from local government, academia and consulting firms.


2020 Conference Materials

Day 1

Day 1 Big Data Replica Household Travel Survey and Other Support

Day 1 MTP and SACSIM

Day 1 MTP SCS Overview

Day 1 Roadway Pricing User Project Presentations

Day 1 SACSIM and SB743

Day 2

Day 2 HTS 2018 Workshop

Day 2 Land Use Workshop

Day 2 Model UC 2020 Transit Workshop

Day 2 SB743 Workshop


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