2020 PPA Tool Materials
Updated tool and documentation


SACOG has released an updated version of the agency’s Project Performance Assessment tool. The updates follow an open beta period for users to comment and test the tool’s new changes. SACOG thanks the beta participants for their valuable feedback and comments.

2020 PPA Tool

The associated documentation (under related links) gives more detail on the updated tool and its indicators (note that step-by-step instructions for how to run the PPA are included in the web-based tool itself at the link above).

The 2020 Project Performance Assessment Tool Documentation discusses the changes to the 2020 version of the tool and provides a description of each indicator. The documentation includes three appendices with additional information. First, the FAQ guide gives answers to common questions raised during the tool’s beta period. Second, the Guide to PPA Map Data Layers can serve as a reference when exploring the tool’s visualized data layers. Finally, the Supplemental Indicator Methodology gives a more technical description of several of the more complex data sources and indicators.