2020 Funding Round Policy Framework
Information Video Released

2020 Funding Round Policy Framework

SACOG has released an informational webinar detailing staff’s current thinking on a draft policy framework for the 2020 SACOG funding round. The SACOG board will consider and act on a policy framework that sets the objectives and programs for the 2020 regional transportation funding cycle.

This webinar provides an opportunity to share key ideas in advance of the SACOG board’s August 2020 funding round framework deliberation. The webinar is pre-recorded so that users can access and view the material at any time. The associated slideshow companion document (linked at the bottom of this post) gives more detail to the concepts discussed in the webinar.

The material presented builds off staff engagement activities to date.

  • in April SACOG staff held a series of funding round workshops for participants in the four-county region (Sacramento, Sutter, Yolo and Yuba Counties),
  • in May presented policy issues the SACOG board could consider for the upcoming 2020 funding round framework, and, 
  • in June conducted further stakeholder engagement with project sponsors.

Our board asked staff to return in August to present a framework recommendation for SACOG board consideration.

SACOG staff welcomes comments and questions on the webinar’s concepts and materials. Please reach out to Matt Carpenter or Garett Ballard-Rosa with any comments, or if you are interested in additional opportunities to engage on these ideas and their connection to a possible funding round framework.

Slideshow Companion- Draft Policy Framework Summary