2019 Travel Demand Model User Conference


The January 2019 user conference brought together modelers along with planners and engineers interested in learning more about the model. Day one brought in 36 attendees representing a diverse group of modelers, planners, and engineers. The morning session provided an in-depth overview of how the model works and some of its key applications. The afternoon session demonstrated how to use the travel model for basic scenario testing.

Day two was attended by 22 modelers and engineers and focused on the model’s new functionalities for modeling tolling, autonomous vehicles (AVs), and use of paid ride share services (e.g., Uber and Lyft). Model developers from consultant RSG gave an overview on the theory behind the new modules, while SACOG staff walked participants through use of the new modules as well as the results of SACOG’s initial tests.

The conference also served as a venue to train nine beta testers from local consulting firms, California Air Resources Board, and UC Davis’s Institute of Transportation Studies. These organizations will test the new model features and serve as a valuable source of peer feedback to help with future model development.