Policy & Innovation Committee


Policy & Innovation Committee

Summary: Ten committee members appointed by the chair to consider state and federal advocacy, news media, outreach, and other activities related to external affairs and administrative activities such as human resources, audits, the budget, and the Overall Work Program. (Meets monthly or as needed)

SACOG’s Policy & Innovation Committee recommend action by the Board of Directors on the following topics:

  • State and Federal Legislation
  • Interagency Affairs
  • News Media
  • Community Outreach
  • Innovation
  • Race, equity and inclusion working group
  • Mega Region working group

Advisory Committees

The Board has established a number of advisory committees as a means of obtaining advice from citizens, key interest groups in the community, and partner planning agencies on a variety of subjects.

SACOG seeks advice from local agencies on transportation and land use plan content and investment decisions. SACOG works not only with the agency staff, but with governing boards, technical committees, and advisory committees. These advisory committees typically include representatives of citizens’ advocacy groups, the private sector, major colleges and universities, transportation management professionals, and private citizens unaffiliated with any of the above groups. Committees are augmented, restructured, added to, or discharged from time to time based upon the issues and concerns faced by the Board. Currently, the advisory committees that report to the Policy & Innovation Committee are:

  • Planners Committee
  • Public Participation Committee
  • Regional Planning Partnership

2023 Committee Members

Chair Wendy Thomas
Vice Chair Trinity Burruss (Colfax)

Rich Desmond (Sacramento County)

Alice Dowdin Calvillo (Auburn)

Bruce Houdesheldt (Roseville)
Michael Saragosa (Placerville)

Tim Schaefer (Citrus Heights)
Tom Stallard (Woodland)

Mai Vang (Sacramento City)

Oscar Villegas (Yolo County)