Staff Reports, Research, Data, & Analysis
Supporting Documents for the 2020 MTP/SCS


March 2019 Pricing Assumptions

January 2019 Draft Preferred Scenario Major Infrastructure Project List

January 2019 Draft Preferred Scenario Land Use Assumptions

December 2018 Adopted Preferred Scenario Framework

October 2018 Public Workshop Results

October 2018 Transportation Project Evaluation Options

October 2018 Preliminary Revenue Assumptions

September 2018 MTP/SCS 101 Presentation

September 2018 Board Briefing on Discussion Draft Scenario Performance and staff report

September 2018 Transit Update

September 2018 Discussion Draft Scenario Report

August 2018 Project Status Report

August 2018 Equity and Economic Inclusion background for Board Workshop

June 2018 Proposed discussion draft land use scenario, proposed transportation projects, and a performance analysis approach

June 2018 Approach to public workshops

May 2018 New mobility options and disruptive technology

May 2018 Market-based pricing to manage congestion

May 2018 Revenue and financial constraint

May 2018 Future housing demand and preference

April 2018 Discussion draft land use scenario framework

April 2018 Proposed housing scope of work

March 2018 Update on SB 375 greenhouse gas targets

March 2018 Sounding Board meeting summary

Adopted Policy Framework and Growth Projections (December 2017)

Growth Projection Background Memos

High Level Growth Forecast Summary

Jobs in SACOG Region Since 1990

Background for Expert Panel Review

Summary of Growth Scenarios and Key Issues

Sensitivity and Economic Competitiveness Analysis

2017 Regional Progress Report

Update on Federal Transportation Performance Management Rules

Issue Exploration to Guide Development of a Policy Framework (summer 2017)