Sample Sustainable Communities Environmental Assessment (SCEA)


PURPOSE: SACOG developed this sample Sustainable Communities Environmental Assessment (SCEA) to help local governments and project proponents utilize the CEQA streamlining benefits of SB 375 to develop Transit Priority Projects consistent with the MTP/SCS. This sample SCEA was developed with funding in part from the HUD Sustainable Communities Grant Program and the California Strategic Growth Council Grant Program. This sample SCEA tiers off of the Environmental Impact Report for the MTP/SCS for 2035 (SCH # 2011012081) certified April 19, 2012. This sample was based on analysis of an actual project that is not yet approved. As such, certain portions of the document have been redacted. This document may be modified over time.

**DISCLAIMER: This sample SCEA is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice or as policy of the Sacramento Area Council of Governments. The sample is designed to illustrate the potential format and content of a SCEA. If you want advice on a particular project or guidance as to the application and interpretation of any of the laws or regulations relating to the California Environmental Quality Act and/or Senate Bill 375, you should consult an attorney. The Sacramento Area Council of Governments makes no warranties as to the suitability of this sample SCEA for any particular purpose.**

Sample SCEA

Sample SCEAs from local jurisdictions: