“How To”
The Contract Piggyback Process

  1. Review the SACOG Shared Services website to identify which form of service or commodity your agency would like to procure.
  2. Once you have identified your area of interest, review the master contract included in your category of interest (e.g. Joint HR Services)
    1. Not all pricing information is listed on SACOG’s website, you may have to follow-up with the Shared Services project manager for more information.
    2. Each final agreement has a list containing potential public agencies who may participate, if you are not on this list then you must follow-up with the Shared Service’s PM in order to add your agency to the list of participants.
  3. Once you have reviewed the contract specifications and declared the pricing fits your agency’s needs, you must complete the Participating Agency Sub-Agreement. All areas highlighted in yellow within the Sub-Agreement are to be filled in by the expected Participating Agency. 
    1. Sub-Agreements may allow for Participating Agencies to include additional insurance requirements or require a scope of work be attached to the Participating Agency Sub-Agreement. PLEASE read the Participating Agency Sub-Agreement carefully before filling out.
  4. The agreement must be signed by the expected Participating Agency Project Manager. Once signed it is to be sealed and sent to the Contractor at the address identified on the Sub-Agreement (we suggest you notify the SACOG PM of this step).
    1. While not required, we encourage you to forward SACOG an electronic copy of your executed sub-agreement. 
  5. Once the Participating Agency Sub-Agreement has been signed and approved by the Contractor they will notify your Participating Agency Project Manager of acceptance and execution of the contract.
  6. Once a Participating Agency has been notified acceptance, they can work directly with the Contractor to negotiate and finalize scope, pricing, and billing.
  7. SACOG Shared Services PM will be available for any contract administration questions.